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Date: 07/10/18 03:35
C&O #7376 Heritage - Power For A Busy Local
Author: NSSpike

Those of us familiar with Norfolk Southern's operations on the eastern end of the Alabama Division's East End districtknow all to well the “more then just a local” role A25 plays on this busy east/west Birmingham to Atlanta mainline.Currently listed as Muscadine Ala. to Austell Georgia local, of late it could be considered a mainline road train for sure.Such that for several months now it hasn't had anything lower then two 4000hp units assigned. Nothing for this train to be upwards of 100 cars at some point during the week. As a rule, on west bound moves with empty center beam and tank cars.And west bound means at least to Anniston, or as in Saturday mornings move, all the way to Norris Yard in Birmingham Alabama. 

This weeks power. Leased GECX #7376, a former CSX CW40-8 Heritage unit with a pair of C&O For Progress emblems applied to both sides of the nose and the NS #9933 Dash 9-44CW. Why all the power for a west bound move of mostly empties you ask? For the return east bound trip up the 1.25% grade at Iron Mountain west of Heflin Alabama with half as many cars loaded with copper, dozens of center beam wood loads and loaded asphalt tank cars for starters. The amount of loads into west Georgia off the East End district has to be setting an all time records based on what I have seen over the past several months. Especially down in Carrollton Georgia. Most of the loads are construction and manufacturing related material. The economy is booming around these parts and both NS divisions here in west Georgia stay busy on a daily basis.

And when A25 isn't busy handling local set outs and pickups it is nothing to see them involved with taking tied down trains into Atlanta or as they did on Friday afternoon, take a long NS 173 all the way west to Norris yard in Birmingham. Believe 173 was the first tonnage train to run through the repaired mainline in Pell City Alabama following last Thursday's derailment of 22Q.   A25 is the Alabama East End's work horse hands down!!!

#1. NS Douglasville based local A25 tied down on the non-signaled siding east of downtown. 

#2. On Saturday morning NS A25 started their day out lite engines west bound through Temple Georgia with the C&O For Progress #7376 in the lead. 

#3. Conductor and CT re-board the power in Bremen Georgia. 

..more to follow....

Phil Maton
Villa Rica, GA

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Date: 07/10/18 03:37
Re: C&O #7376 Heritage - Power For A Busy Local
Author: NSSpike

#4. After a west move clearing of the east bound signal and storage track dwarf signal at Bremen, A25 will run east down the main into the siding to couple up to the NS #3540 G66's power and a cut of cars.

#5. Having completed the necessaries associated with coupling up to the cut of cars set out by Georgia Division G66 Carrollton local, A25 holds the siding west bound waiting on AMTK 19 to head west on the main. 

#6. West bound on the main AMTK 19-7 with the AMTK #86 in the lead. 

...more to follow....

Phil Maton
Villa Rica, GA

Date: 07/10/18 03:38
Re: C&O #7376 Heritage - Power For A Busy Local
Author: NSSpike

#7. Passing the “Yard Art”, A25 crosses over the C-line diamond west bound through downtown Bremen Georgia. After working the west end of the storage tracks they will head west with several stops along the way into Birmingham.

Phil Maton
Villa Rica, GA

Date: 07/10/18 08:03
Re: C&O #7376 Heritage - Power For A Busy Local
Author: trainmandan

Nice shots, Nice job of getting 7376 with the class lights on!

Posted from Android

Date: 07/10/18 08:13
Re: C&O #7376 Heritage - Power For A Busy Local
Author: crescent

Great shots.

Date: 07/10/18 09:15
Re: C&O #7376 Heritage - Power For A Busy Local
Author: NKP715

Then, there was the other "C&O Heritage"  on NS
property - - PRLX 4834, seen here at Conneaut, OH,
April 4, 2018.

Date: 07/10/18 09:46
Re: C&O #7376 Heritage - Power For A Busy Local
Author: SCL1517

Great shots! Let's see if I got this straight: a former Conrail unit with "struck through" CSX logos, C&O logos and GECX initials, running on NS. We sure had it good with all of the sharp FURX, CEFX and HLCX EMD leasers 15+ years ago.

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