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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Anything Interesting around Columbus, Ohio area?

Date: 02/01/19 02:33
Anything Interesting around Columbus, Ohio area?
Author: EMDSW-1

The week of February 12-15 I will be flying into Columbus and heading north to the Bucyus area to look at some M of W machinery and am wondering if there are any shortlines or other items of interest along the way and what Class 1's are in the area.

Many thanks for any help.

Dick Samuels
Oregon Pacific Railroad

Date: 02/01/19 07:12
Re: Anything Interesting around Columbus, Ohio area?
Author: Ohiorailfan

Shortline wise we have the Camp Chase, Ohio Central, Kanawah River, and Indiana and Ohio. The Camp Chase usually makes a late morning afternoon run to Buckeye yard near Rome Hillard to interchange with NS. They used to be about daily not sure now due to the PSR crap going on. The Ohio Central is now going to Watkins in daylight(NPT) as far as I know they have been getting in right before sunset this time of year. You can catch them out by the airport. The KNWA runs north to Columbus from Hobson Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. With the southbound out of Columbus on MWF. This time of year I would suggest heading east of Thurston to see the northbound 381 in good light. The southbound 380 out of Watkins leaves whenever they get out of the mess that is Watkins yard. So between 12-5 pm sometimes. The IORY runs the Logan line to Parsons yard. Goes through Groveport and heads over the NS at Valley which is the southside of Watkins yard. They've been running on Sundays, Tuesday's and Thursdays it seems. Power is a GW painted GP38-2. As for class 1 action, Cooke road is your "hotspot" for NS and LM Cabin in downtown for CSX. Hope this helps

Date: 02/01/19 07:37
Re: Anything Interesting around Columbus, Ohio area?
Author: toledopatch

Your drive up to Bucyrus and back will take you past Marion, OH, a popular hot spot. The busy junction is on the west side, away from the U.S. 23 freeway, but Ohio 423 can get you there from the north or south without having to claw your way through the center of town.

Date: 02/01/19 20:50
Re: Anything Interesting around Columbus, Ohio area?
Author: djm448

Any areas covered with ATCS coverage?

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