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Date: 02/05/19 19:28
Author: overniteman

Here's a pair of shots that are nearing 10 years old, hard to believe (for me anyway).
They're too young to find a spot on the "Nostalgia & History" board, so I'll land them here.

A Southbound CSX manifest crosses the Hudson River between Bear Mountain & Iona Island, New York.
It's riding on a bridge that Conrail built from the river bottom up during it's short lifespan.
The steel and concrete bridge replaced an old (and rickety) timber trestle.

The Bear Mountain automobile bridge looms up big over CSX GE C40-8W 7850 & EMD SD50 8550.

October, 2010.

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Date: 02/05/19 19:33
Re: Bridge
Author: overniteman

Here's a companion shot that shows CSX EMD SD40-2 8854 & GE C40-8 7613 rolling autoracks South again on the "new" Conrail bridge.

To the right is the lower and abandoned wooden trestle that Conrail decided was old enough.
It still stands today and it's a favorite spot for fishermen and crabbers.

Iona Island, New York.
October, 2011.

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Date: 02/05/19 19:44
Re: Bridge
Author: inCHI

Nice composition in the second shot!

Date: 02/06/19 10:12
Re: Bridge
Author: CPR_4000

That first shot is sharp as a tack. IIRC the subject is pretty far from the shore. You must have good glass!

Date: 02/06/19 21:03
Re: Bridge
Author: md

that 1st shot sure is sharp.  Now I recall to ohow I alwys loved to see a forward/backward pair of YN2's.  They looked good in that order.

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