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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Late Spring 2019 action in North Jersey

Date: 06/11/19 10:53
Late Spring 2019 action in North Jersey
Author: PennRailVideos

The past few weeks in North Jersey along the Conrail's Lehigh Line have not dissappointed those willing to go trackside. Lots of a great action in this area. From old soldiers to heritage/specialty units, along with warm beautiful weather, has made for a great past few weeks.

5/25/19 - NS 33K, with some throwback power leading the way in South Plainfield, NJ. When this came around the corner I was pretty surprised. Between catching these trains, there was an eastbound parade but they didn't any power worthy of posting on here so I'll just share the good stuff. The main reason for this day's outting was the lens the NS 1072 "Illinois Terminal" heritage unit. I kinda wished I picked a better location where the engine didn't blend into the trees but oh well.
And to end the afternoon the way we started it, CSX K160 headed for Philly with an SD40-2 leading the way.

Date: 06/11/19 10:55
Re: Late Spring 2019 action in North Jersey
Author: PennRailVideos

5/30/19. This day's catch would be the NS 6963, the "GoRail" SD60E leading autorack NS 18N. But before the headliner, had a couple opening acts. I forget the symbols of these two eastbounds I saw ahead of 18N. 

Date: 06/11/19 10:58
Re: Late Spring 2019 action in North Jersey
Author: PennRailVideos

6/2/19. NS 211 rounds the bend at Piscataway on a very warm June Sunday morning.

6/4/19. Two days later, caught CSX Q158 in the same spot but much better weather. It's amazing to see the haze from two days prior versus the vivid blue sky.

And the prize of this day was the NS 1068 "ERIE" heritage unit, which I decided to catch in South Plainfield on the Port Reading Secondary. This is from the Hamilton Blvd overpass.

I hope you all have enjoyed these "major heads up" catches!

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