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Date: 07/08/19 13:25
JAX FL. Advise?
Author: RRBaron

I'm heading to Cape Kennedy, Fl, to relive the moon takeoff experience of 50 years ago. I'll pass thru Jacksonville and am wondering about the FEC bridge. If I understand from the railfan press correctly all thru FEC, Amtrak, NS and CSX trains must run over it. Is that true? If so, can it be accessed from the south for PM picture taking? If not, any other suggestions on a location where the various railroads intersect each other? Can one get reasonable shots of the FEC yards/shops from a public ROW? is JAX safe overall for rail picture taking? Thanks in  advance!

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Date: 07/08/19 16:42
Re: JAX FL. Advise?
Author: SouthEasternRailroad

If you are asking about the draw bridge in downtown Jax, not all rail traffic goes through there. Amtrak takes a turn near Dennis street and goes from there to the CSX Sanford sub. I'm not sure about good spots to view the bridge.

Date: 07/08/19 17:04
Re: JAX FL. Advise?
Author: DJ-12

There is a pedestrian walk along the south side of the river. I visited about 10 years ago and it was a short walk from a nearby public parking garage. Its in an office/hospital area that seems reasonably safe in daylight. You won’t get FEC road trains. They start from Bowden Yard to the south. You will get NS run thru freights, and transfers with CSX and FEC power. I don’t think you can get into Bowden legally but there is a nice overpass at the south end of yard from which you can get some good shots of trains being made up.

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Date: 07/08/19 17:21
Re: JAX FL. Advise?
Author: tevillo27

I might be in Jacksonville for a day or two over the next few months and was thinking of similar questions. If I make the trip I'd haed up to Folkston, then see what's to be seen in Jacksonville. Are there any good rail watching spots near the cargo terminals east of the city?  

Date: 07/08/19 17:40
Re: JAX FL. Advise?
Author: Lackawanna484

The FEC also parallels US 1 for many miles south of Bowden. When FEC trains are held out of the yard, you'll see them.

Date: 07/09/19 11:49
Re: JAX FL. Advise?
Author: gmojim

Your question about the FEC bridge in downtown Jacksonville. Only freight headed to the FEC from the NS and CSX cross the bridge. The trains are transfers from the NS and CSX to the FEC yard south of the bridge. FEC road trains run from that FEC yard south.


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Date: 07/09/19 16:08
Re: JAX FL. Advise?
Author: RayH

You can take pictures from the parking lot at Bowden yard (FEC), however stay within their boundaries. I was there twice in December and had NO issues. You might have an encounter with security. The guy I met was great, and even provided me with a lineup. 

Date: 07/09/19 19:15
Re: JAX FL. Advise?
Author: toledopatch

The sidewalk on the Acosta Bridge is a good spot in the late morning for shooting trains on the FEC bridge, and that happens to be about when NS #209 and #229 show up - unless that schedule has changed at all because of TOP-21.

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