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Date: 01/13/20 08:37
Safety Kleen tank cars
Author: Pattenburg

Back in November, 1991 I photographed this Safety Kleen tank car heading east on CR's PIOI. Was wondering if Safety Kleen still has these tank cars in service? Thanks for any information.

Date: 01/13/20 11:48
Re: Safety Kleen tank cars
Author: sixaxlecentury

They had a few series of these with both PROX and ACFX marks.   They were loaded for a few years in Brooklyn on the Cross Harbor with Waste Oil.   

Date: 01/13/20 21:10
Re: Safety Kleen tank cars
Author: Skuat

The last time I ran across one of the yellow cars was 2009, it was in the yard in Cumberland, MD and had the Safety Kleen logo patched out. CSX serves a Safety Kleen transload in Johnstown, PA on their S&C Sub, and has so for the better part of 30 years. I remember the yellow cars sitting around all the time into the early 2000's and then one day they were just gone. In the mid 2000's they were using a variety of GATX and UTLX black cars at the transload, then about ten years ago they started using Safety Kleen's SKSX cars, which are just plain black cars. Here's a link to shots of those cars...


It looks like one of the sister yellow cars to the one I shot, while patched out, might still be kicking around. Here's a shot of it from 2018...



Date: 01/14/20 13:16
Re: Safety Kleen tank cars
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Good thread.  I used to see these tanks years ago on CSX.  When I see their trucks, I have occasionally wondered what became of the tank cars.  Now I know!

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