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Date: 02/05/20 02:40
Northeast Ohio - NS
Author: refarkas

Here are three from Orrville, Ohio on February 3, 2020.
1.) NS 6085 (EMD SD40-2) is sitting on the track (It's now about a mile and a half long but once a part of the Cleveland Akron and Columbus) to Smucker's and an industrial park while the crew takes a meal break.
2.) Here's a wider view.
3.) The Manhattan building which once housed a restaurant catches your eye first, but in the background you can see the former PRR tower which was moved to this side of the tracks and an ex-PRR caboose that are a part of the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society display.

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Date: 02/05/20 04:57
Re: Northeast Ohio - NS
Author: gcm

Nice Ohio shots.
I didn't realize any of the Cleveland Akron and Columbus line had survived.


Date: 02/05/20 10:03
Re: Northeast Ohio - NS
Author: refarkas

A short part heads north to an industrial park, and a short part goes south to a farm supply company and then the place where the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society stores its equipment. As of now there is still a short section for about a little over a mile south of the storage area. It is only safe for speeders as of now. There is no diamond where it used to cross the ex-PRR main line.

Date: 02/05/20 12:27
Re: Northeast Ohio - NS - Orrville
Author: MEKoch

The Manhattan Building: unfortunately there are those in the city of Orrville who want to tear the building down.  I hope they do not succeed.  

Next to the Manhattan Building is the Orrville PRR station - a historical building.  NS owns the building, and it is leased to the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society.   The former Orrville PRR tower is just east of the station and also leased to the ORHS.  The station and tower make good props for your train pics in the morning hours.  Stand south of the tracks.  Several eastbound oil trains often appear in the morning hours.

NS switches Smucker on the north branch,  NS also switches Scott fertilizers, next to the ORHS property on the southwest side of town.  The ORHS property is formerly Daboe Railroad scrapping service.  Three large heavy steam cranes are there, as well as several cabooses, and other assorted cars.  All are for sale.  

Date: 02/05/20 12:42
Re: Northeast Ohio - NS - Orrville
Author: refarkas

Thanks for all the information.

Date: 02/05/20 13:32
Re: Northeast Ohio - NS
Author: krm152

Definitely like both standard cab views.
Certainly hope the buildings survive.
Thanks for the photo posting.

Date: 02/05/20 16:40
Re: Northeast Ohio - NS
Author: train544

Hi Bob
Very nice country photos of NS
Tom Boylan

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