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Eastern Railroad Discussion > KCS MVNKC with #4006 Veterans Leading

Date: 02/08/20 07:58
KCS MVNKC with #4006 Veterans Leading
Author: sugarcreek56

KCS Veterans unit #4006 and EMDX #7205 have become regulars on the KCS manifest trains between East St. Louis, IL and Kansas City, MO.  Shortly after 9:00 am MVNKC (Manifest Venice Kansas City) heads north passing under Packer Avenue in East St. Louis on 5-Feb-2019.  In the second photo, the same train passes under the TRRA Merchants Bridge in Madison, IL as a MOW truck passes overhead.

Date: 02/08/20 08:36
Re: KCS MVNKC with #4006 Veterans Leading
Author: AndyBrown

Very cool!  I was lucky to catch that unit on a CP train from Kansas City a while back, but haven't shot one of those bananas yet.

May I offer a minor suggestion though?  The colors seem a little bit blown out to me; I wonder if you'd benenfit from lowering your exposure one or two thirds.  Please don't take this as criticism as your subject matter, locations and composition are "on point,"  and I'll be the first to admit that I struggle with exposure when shooting on overcast days.


Date: 02/09/20 10:10
Re: KCS MVNKC with #4006 Veterans Leading
Author: wyeth

The train in these photos must be operating over someone else's tracks here?  I don't think I've ever seen concrete ties used on the KCS before...

Date: 02/09/20 18:29
Re: KCS MVNKC with #4006 Veterans Leading
Author: stlrailfan

UP tracks

Date: 02/10/20 07:50
Re: KCS MVNKC with #4006 Veterans Leading
Author: sugarcreek56

The first photo is TRRA track between Q Tower (Relay) and Bridge Jct.  The concrete ties are our tax dollars at work as this is part of the Illinois "high speed" route that Amtrak uses between St. Louis, MO and Alton, IL.  North of Bridge Jct., the line is joint track (KCS and UP) to Wann (Wood River, IL);  in the second picture MVNKC is on the joint track.  The joint track was built by predecessors Chicago & Alton and New York Central to connect the Alton, IL area with the Eads Bridge.  The C&A track ownership (west track) passed to GM&O, ICG, CMW, joint GWWR-SPSL, joint KCS-UP.  The NYC track ownership (east track) passed to PC, CR, GWER, KCS; this is the track MVNKC is on.  The NS, nee Wabash, parallels the joint track on the east from Bridge Jct. to Lenox Tower.

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