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Date: 02/10/20 05:40
Wheeling WV question
Author: wmfan3798

Does anyone have any idea what used to be on the grounds of Wesbanco Arena? On the backside of the arena is the Wheeling Heritage trail and what looks like 4-5 additional railroad bridges. Was there a mill there at one time? I've looked around but can't find much info on the area.

thank ernie

Date: 02/10/20 08:56
Re: Wheeling WV question
Author: Cumberland

When I looked at it on Google Maps, it looked like it could have been 5 or 6 bridges, plus the trail. What is striking to me is the length of the abutment going up Wheeling Creek. Great question!


Date: 02/10/20 10:12
Re: Wheeling WV question
Author: bigkidpgh

here you go


The photo below shows the freight sheds along the Ohio River where Wesbanco Arena now sits. To the right are the multiple bridges carrying tracks over Wheeling Creek and into the Wheeling Freight Depot complex. Wheeling Island is in the foreground.

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Date: 02/10/20 11:14
Re: Wheeling WV question
Author: cr7998

The Pennsylvania Railroad and the B&O had their freight stations in this area.  The PRR freight station was between the river and the PRR Wheeling Branch main track.  The B&O freight station, much bigger, fronted on 14th St.  Thanks to bigkidpgh for finding the neat picture showing both freight stations.  The PRR freight station is in the center of the photo, and it appears the track closest to the river was built on trestle work over the river bank.  Behind it is the B&O freight station headhouse and shed.  According to B&O's Form 6 (Official List of Stations), the B&O freight station and team tracks had capacity for 77 cars.  I don't know the capacity of the PRR facility, but would guess 15-20 cars.  The PRR's Wheeling Branch was between the two stations.  The footprint of the Wesbanco Arena is mostly on former B&O property, but also extends over the south end of the PRR facility.  

As for the bridges across Wheeling Creek, the first two were PRR, one for the lead into the freight station (closest to the river) and the second for the main track of the Wheeling Branch.  The other bridges were for the B&O tracks into the freight station and team track area.   

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Date: 02/10/20 15:29
Re: Wheeling WV question
Author: Skuat

I had always thought that the Pennsy tracks were long gone by the time that the arena, originally Wheeling Civic Center, was built in 1977. However that was not the case, somewhere I came across a shot of the arena in place and the tracks were still in, where the trail is now. I doubt that they coexisted for more than a year or two, but was neat to see. I think the Pennsy tracks were also repositioned slightly when the Wheeling Wharf parking garage was built in the mid 50's, the garage was located at the end of 12th St, the Pennsy tracks split between it and Water St.. There are a bunch of shots of the Pennsy station, the B&O freight house and all kinds of other old Wheeling shots on the Ohio County Library's Flickr page. Here are some albums worth checking out...







I'd also recommend the book Wheeling WV in the Steam and Diesel Era featuring the images of JJ Young who grew up in Wheeling, there are some fantastic shots in there!

Finally, taking in a Nailers hockey game at the 'Banco' is also recommended, there's not a bad seat in the house.


Date: 02/10/20 20:17
Re: Wheeling WV question
Author: wmfan3798

Thank you all for the information, I never realized how much was jammed into that relatively small area. Thank you for the links to the photos also. I've never been to a Nailers game but both of my kids have played there quite a few times.


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