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Date: 05/18/20 06:38
Fostoria, Ohio plans
Author: MdRailfan

Now that my long planned Fostoria trip looks to be realized, I am asking for some information on what I might see this coming Thurs thru Sun. As things are still in partial opening and with precautions still effect everywhere, I do not plan on traveling much around the area and much of my time will be at the park. A general list of expected trains on all 3 lines would be appreciated. Thanks for any help and I hope this trip interests me enough to want to come back at a better later time.

Date: 05/18/20 07:05
Re: Fostoria, Ohio plans
Author: tq-07fan

Here, from searching the site for stuff just from this year.

Question About Fostoria Ohio  from March 13 2020

Fostoria Suggestions  January 27 2020 (Actually started by MdRailfan)

I would expect traffic to be down from the lists on the first thread listed. I've two friends go up there last month and say NS traffic was way down but that was last month. To me, I would travel around the area. There is so much good to great stuff within a three hour drive from Fostoria. 

Edit: I forgot to add, I've only driven through Fostoria without stopping, never really been there.


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Date: 05/18/20 07:48
Re: Fostoria, Ohio plans
Author: milepost180

We always railfan Fostoria in the morning and afternoon.   Catching the sunset at Deshler is great because of the railfans and the fire pit.  It can be a wonderful night cap.

Date: 05/18/20 08:12
Re: Fostoria, Ohio plans
Author: milkcow

Suggest Swanton for frequent NS

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Date: 05/18/20 10:08
Re: Fostoria, Ohio plans
Author: MdRailfan

I know I started it back in January, however with the pandemic aftermath, I was hoping for an updated expectations list, since I wasn't even sure about the trip just a week ago. Thanks for the help and I just hope to have a good time.

Date: 05/18/20 10:41
Re: Fostoria, Ohio plans
Author: P

The east/west B&O line is by far the busiest and it is a very busy line. The shelter is in the northern part of the triangle and you will see train on NS and the C&O. But if you spend all of your time at the shelter, you will spend a lot of time looking at a train on the B&O from about 100 yards away. You can move around, of course, but the shelter is well done and a nice place to hang out.
Take a look at the triangle on Google Earth to see the layout.

I appreciate the efforts to build the shelter, but wish it were astride the B&O.

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Date: 05/18/20 16:01
Re: Fostoria, Ohio plans
Author: dschlegel

For food, there is/was a great barbecue restaurant called Fostoria Dell’s a few blocks west of the triangle.
North Baltimore yard is nearby, and I concur with visiting Deshler.

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