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Eastern Railroad Discussion > "Monster Manifest" Captured

Date: 06/27/20 10:19
"Monster Manifest" Captured
Author: cinder

Two days ago, I excitedly posted a HU about a really long train.  I know, I know, "monster" is a relative term meaning different things to different people;  in this case, railfans.  The train was eastbound CSX Q348 at the Foley Overlook.  The Glencoe, PA detector recorded 840 axles.  With three engines on the point and a single dpu 100 or so cars deep, that means 204 cars in the haul.  With a light brake set, the train was actually being pulled down the east slope of Sand Patch grade.  A sizeable cut of auto racks brought up the rear.

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Date: 06/27/20 14:11
Re: "Monster Manifest" Captured
Author: Roadbed

Great vantage point. That's a pretty damn big train. Is that the largest on that line?

Date: 06/27/20 18:54
Re: "Monster Manifest" Captured
Author: Tominde

Some empty flats up front followed by another 200 or so cars on mountain railroading.  Interesting.  Guess he made it.

Date: 06/27/20 19:09
Re: "Monster Manifest" Captured
Author: cinder

Largest on the line?  Most cars I have ever witnessed,

Date: 06/28/20 19:20
Re: "Monster Manifest" Captured
Author: MP683

We have been running those out west in a 2x1x1 or 3x2x1. However where I am we have curves and grades and that’s even sketchy.

As sandpatxh doesn’t have the amount of curves we have, i don’t see it as bad, but never fun to run.

I brought in a 198 car 21,000t 14,000ft one in this morning and it was eh

Some just run better than others.

Autos on the rear appear to be the choice of train makeup in the last year on several RR’s on how they want to run these things

Date: 06/29/20 19:50
Re: "Monster Manifest" Captured
Author: willobi

I sent a 214 car #112 out of Sevier Yard to Oakdale back in the 90's. 3 SD40's on the head end and 1 SD40 2/3 of the way back. That was the biggest 112 I ever built, although quite a few were around 200 cars. Don't remember how long it took him, or if he made it.  We also tried to send a 20K ton train from Sevier to Cleveland TN. once. Emphasis on the 'once' LOL!   3 big motors on the head end and that was it. It took 2 days and 4 crews to move it 7 miles. They finally made two trains out of it in a siding. 

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