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Date: 07/31/20 14:36
Mid-Week in D&H Land
Author: train1275

A few grab shots with the cell phone this week.

1. NS 9843 and 4027 are on Train 30T leaving Oneonta at Pony Farm on a warm July 30, 2020 evening.

2. 23K got hit by the Otego detector so he was late getting into Binghamton. Here he is at Crocker Hill Road, Port Crane, NY on the final slide into Binghamton on the last day of July 2020. Power is NS 9233 and 8157.

3. And finally up the road in Bainbridge the 30T is following him down, but he will have a meet with the 16R at Afton. Power is NS 9543 and 1197.

Historical Trivia: July 31, 1970 was the last Huntley - Brinkley Report. I always liked to watch that news on NBC and was watching as Chet Huntley gave his emotional farewell. 50 years ago today.


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Date: 08/01/20 10:09
Re: Mid-Week in D&H Land
Author: dschlegel

The sky in your second photo is really nice, and it’s a neat angle to see the train.

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Date: 08/01/20 13:20
Re: Mid-Week in D&H Land
Author: wabash2800

Though you are photogaphing the same territory, I appreciate that you vary the location and format, not like Ritzville on the Western Board.

Victor A. Baird

Date: 08/01/20 16:54
Re: Mid-Week in D&H Land
Author: train1275

I try to push myself to vary scenes and composition. The weekday work schedule is pretty intense and it's sometimes hard to be motivated. But I do try to keep seeing the same thing a little different.

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