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Eastern Railroad Discussion > "Amtrak at the Summit"

Date: 10/15/20 18:57
"Amtrak at the Summit"
Author: cinder

Eastbound Amtrak P030 approaches the "Summit of the Alleghenies" up the west slope of Sand Patch Grade in PA on Tuesday morning, October 6.  This long-distance passenger train has been truncated both in frequency and length due to the pervasive pandemic.

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Date: 10/15/20 19:36
Re: "Amtrak at the Summit"
Author: 8notch

Really miss seeing the sightseer lounge on that train. The fall colors were great to see from the lounge. 
Robert in the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon 

Date: 10/15/20 19:37
Re: "Amtrak at the Summit"
Author: Tominde

Actually longer train than I expected.  I was thinking 4 maybe 5 cars 2 coach, food, sleeoer maybe 2.  . 

Date: 10/17/20 17:38
Re: "Amtrak at the Summit"
Author: yankingeorgia

Rode around the country on Amtrak from 8/12 through 8/23. Consistently received cheerful and accommodating service from all on board personnel with the exception if this train’s crew. Everyone from the conductor on down was surly, rude and couldn’t be bothered to provide even the basic services required by we passengers. I sure hope some if them were among the first to be furloughed.

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