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Date: 11/17/20 14:03
Landisville Locomotive Help
Author: NB1001

In a visit to the Landisville (PA) railroad in 2016, two geeps were on site. GP9u 1630 still in Canadian Pacific paint and GP38AC 2873 still in Norfolk Southern paint (although without NS markings). Does anybody know what happened to these two locomotives?

Date: 11/17/20 19:57
Re: Landisville Locomotive Help
Author: 1Train2Many

I do not know what happened to either locomotives, but I saw the Norfolk Southern 2873 in the Enola, PA freight yard in March of this year.  I made a post with a photo asking if anyone knew where it was from.  The answer was the Elizabthtown Industrial Railroad.  It was unknown where it was going however.  Here is a link to my original post so you can read more. 
If you find out where it went, be sure to post it because now I am curious to know as well.

Date: 11/18/20 09:40
Re: Landisville Locomotive Help
Author: ALCO630

Not sure if this is of any help, but in March, there was a GP-9u in the transload facility numbered 1650 lettered for Clinton Terminal in BN’ish scheme.

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Doug Wetherhold
Macungie, PA

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