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Date: 02/22/21 15:02
NS Columbus District radio?
Author: wa8pyr


Anyone seen or heard anything indicating that the NS Columbus District between Rickenbacker and Portsmouth has changed to a new road channel? Been about a week now and I haven't heard a peep on AAR072 unless it's from the Sandusky Dispatcher, or trains/track crews west of CP Craft (where the dispatcher changes from the Kenova desk to the Sandusky desk.

I'm using a Harris M7100 with a VHF antenna about 20 feet in the air at my location in Circleville; previously I could hear reliably trains as far north (railroad west) as Rickenbacker, and as far south (east) as Hopetown, a distance of at least 10 miles in either direction; I still hear the Sandusky side so the radio isn't the problem.


Date: 02/23/21 06:43
Re: NS Columbus District radio?
Author: wa8pyr

Well, wherever they were they’re back on 072 around here now. I heard L55 talking to Kenova on the truck radio on the way to work this morning, and the radio in the office has trains chattering madly away in the Kenova desk territory. I'm listening to L55 switch Sofidel right now.

The truck radio and the radio in the office were silent of Kenova territory traffic for the last week or so; either they were temporarily testing another channel, or radio signals were getting sucked straight up into the air by aliens or something.

I'm expecting either Sandusky or Kenova to change road channels any time now, hopefully before trackwork season gets going; having the two share AAR072 is a charlie foxtrot to put it mildly. Of the two it would probably be easier to move Kenova over to AAR076; that's already the road channel from Williamson to Portsmouth, and the techs would only have to reprogram two base stations and five detectors (versus nine detectors and at least four base stations on the Sandusky side). Time will tell.


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