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Eastern Railroad Discussion > "Frigid Friday NYS&W Utica NY"

Date: 01/09/22 10:03
"Frigid Friday NYS&W Utica NY"
Author: ut-1

This video features a look at a northbound New York, Susquehanna & Western freight as it passes by my office in Utica NY on Friday, Jan 7th.

Next, approximately 40 minutes later and three miles farther north, the train is seen passing by the old tower at the northerly end of Utica's Schuyler Street. After passing by my office, the crew picked up four additional cars off a spur.

Weather conditions: 20 degrees & windy.

For a longer video, check out my YouTube page, "Railroading Rambler."

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Date: 01/09/22 11:26
Re: "Frigid Friday NYS&W Utica NY"
Author: krm152

Another awesome NYS&W Utica action video.
Thanks for the wonderful posting.

Date: 01/09/22 11:28
Re: "Frigid Friday NYS&W Utica NY"
Author: callum_out

It's not good to comment on the mild Winter in Utica aka Be careful what you wish for! I like the office
viewing locaation, at least with the traffic level you have time to get things done.


Date: 01/10/22 03:34
Re: "Frigid Friday NYS&W Utica NY"
Author: dschlegel

Nice office view!

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