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Date: 01/12/22 09:13
CF&E Service Issues
Author: BurtNorton

I'm sitting in a presentation by Michael Miller, President of G&W North America. He indicated there are service issues on the CF&E right now. Any details?

Rumor is a number of shippers want CF&E gone and a new railroad in its place.

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Date: 01/12/22 09:42
Re: CF&E Service Issues
Author: DevalDragon

You're the one sitting at the presentation and have a chance to get the information direct from the horse's mouth. That source is 100 times better than an anonymous message board.

Date: 01/12/22 10:57
Re: CF&E Service Issues
Author: howeld

All summer till mid Dec I was near the CF&E east of Ft Wayne you could almost set your clock by their moves with decent length trains.
Didn’t seem like poor service looking from the outside.

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Date: 01/12/22 12:13
Re: CF&E Service Issues
Author: kscessnadriver

I would find that odd, because at least in Fort Wayne, GM had CF&E build an autorack yard across town from the truck plant, because of the service they recieve from NS at the plant.

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