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Date: 01/12/22 11:56
Monster Train
Author: Trolleysteve

Just watched a massive coal train travelling westbound through Downtown Cleveland. It had 2 engines on the head end, 3 midtrain, and 2 more at the back. Is this some kind of new normal?

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Date: 01/12/22 13:04
Re: Monster Train
Author: nssd70m

It's 778. Been running for a bit now, and stacks out at around 13,000 feet - 30,000 tons +/-. Runs down to Roanoke where it's split into 2 trains for the Progress Energy (Duke Power) Hyco, NC power plant.

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Date: 01/19/22 04:18
Re: Monster Train
Author: shadetree

Yup, a new normal.  "Let's see how much we can get away with." 


Date: 01/19/22 05:11
Re: Monster Train
Author: goneon66

could somebody tell me the orgin of this train and the route that it takes to roanoke?

thanks for any info..........


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