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Date: 06/23/22 15:43
Spartanburg, SC Railfanning
Author: Ironman

Good evening,

I'm traveling to Spartanburg, SC this weekend to visit my kid who just moved there.

I'm looking for info on railfanning in and around that area.  Especially good places to park the car and just watch.

Thanks in advance.


Date: 06/23/22 17:30
Re: Spartanburg, SC Railfanning
Author: Lackawanna484

The station at Spartanburg SC looks like a good location. There's a local group which often meets at the station on Saturday mornings

Virtual Railfan has a camera there

Date: 06/23/22 18:39
Re: Spartanburg, SC Railfanning
Author: bmarti7

Check out the Beacon Drive In.


Date: 06/23/22 19:53
Re: Spartanburg, SC Railfanning
Author: Gonut1

Great food at the Hot Wok Garbage Chicken! This according to the Trash Panda.
Check it out!

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Date: 06/24/22 18:50
Re: Spartanburg, SC Railfanning
Author: MEKoch

Anything left of the Southern shops?

Date: 06/24/22 21:28
Re: Spartanburg, SC Railfanning
Author: cockaboose

It used to be a really hot spot when I worked out of there from 2001 to 2011. Easily 40+ trains a day between NS and CSX. Now not so much. You'll still have decent traffic on the NS (maybe 20 a day tops) but CSX is totally dead now, since coal died. You can catch everything from the Amtrak station on the NS main, though you'll have to make a quick walk over the parking lot to see any CSX action below.

Date: 06/25/22 21:37
Re: Spartanburg, SC Railfanning
Author: railfanSID

It's been about four years since I moved away but I agree with earlier posts recommending the Amtrak station. There are several benches and I never felt unsafe anytime I was there whether it was a Sunday afternoon or waiting for a late arriving Crescent.

There was a set of stadium bleachers across the parking lot from the station against the fence above where the CSX tunnel is. You'll also have a clear view from the parking lot of anything on the Belton sub.

Another location to try is around Arcadia, there's a dollar store with a decent parking lot if you know something's coming. It's a straight shot on Hayne Street from downtown but that road isn't much fun after a heavy rain.

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