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Date: 11/29/22 10:20
KCS OCS Meridian, MS
Author: tuxedorailfan

November 28th, 2022

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph KCS' OCS and Christmas Train this year while it was parked in Meridian. The train and the Meridian Railroad Museum had more than 3,200 people pass through for this event and it went without a hitch. It was great meeting some old friends and making new ones. 

After the event, a friend and I went to the 27th avenue crossovers to set up for a night shot of the train. I didn't get the photo, but was glad to help him set up for his. KCS really pulled through for us and allowed us to get the photos we wanted with no issues at all. A special thank you goes out to KCS Officials, KCS PD, NS PD, Priority One Security, the outbound train crew, and all of the on board staff. These folks were awesome and were helpful throughout our process and were more than willing to help a couple of railfans grab some shots of the train. They never once told us no, and helped with anything we needed. Great folks all the way around!


Date: 11/29/22 11:40
Re: KCS OCS Meridian, MS
Author: refarkas

Excellent low-light images.

Date: 11/30/22 03:12
Re: KCS OCS Meridian, MS
Author: Vicksburg_Route

Gorgeous images, Dylan.  Well done!

VR Out

Date: 11/30/22 14:53
Re: KCS OCS Meridian, MS
Author: ns1000

Great pics!!

Date: 12/02/22 04:40
Re: KCS OCS Meridian, MS
Author: jmbreitigan

Excellent photos. Good to hear that everyone was so accommodating to you & your friend.

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