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Date: 11/29/22 12:48
Today's Catch in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

Tuesday November 29, 2022
Vermilion, OH

On this day in 1963, President Johnson appointed the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of JFK.

Seasonally nice here in North Central Ohio, but with wind off the lake it can put a damp chill through you pretty fast.

1. Train 260, one of the new symbols, comes through town on the way from Chicago 47th Street to Harrisburg with NS 4149 and 9637.

2. A freight car truck from Train 260 runs over the detector.

3. A colorful 67R with NS 7302, CN 2715 and CN 2620 roll over the bridge with crude oil empties.

Date: 11/29/22 12:53
Re: Today's Catch in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

4. Another look at the CN power on 67R.

5. Here is a really neat consist on 11Q; NS 8165, 5229, 724 and 3085. He is on Track 2 running wrong main in order to access the connector for the NKP to Bellevue.

6. Grabbing a closer look; NS 5229 a high hood GP38-2 built as Southern 5229 in January 1977 with the slug (RP-E4C) NS 724 which started life as an N&W GP38AC in November 1971.


Date: 11/29/22 12:57
Re: Today's Catch in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

7. Continuing our look at the power on 11Q; NS 724 and trailing is the mother unit to the slug, NS 3085. The 3085 was built way back in August 1967 as N&W GP40 #1361.

8. 11Q had BNSF 4697 as a mid-train DPU.

9. Next catch is the 28M with NS 1818 and 4370. The 1818 had a really, really strange sounding horn.

Date: 11/29/22 13:01
Re: Today's Catch in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

10. The 28M had a lot of these UPS pups up front today.

11. Now 17N comes west with a single unit up front; NS 7659.

12.  The 2nd car in the consist is one of those old Canadian Wheat Growers hoppers, now EAMX 608021. EAMX is Everest Railcar Services out of Bentonville, AR.


Date: 11/29/22 13:09
Re: Today's Catch in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

13. And here we see the rear DPU on the 17N, BNSF 8066.

14. The 17N just clears and WHAM, here comes intermodal 23G with NS 4144, 7636 and 1204.

15. I should not have been so lazy as the 316 was supposedly at Avery pulled over for incoming traffic. I suspect the reports were true, but by the time I went out the NKP line towards Bellevue 316 was already on the move east, and not at a prime spot either (Barnes Road west of Vermilion). Well, you take what you can get. Train 316 with NS 4094 and CSX 5212. I wish I were set up to take better advantage of that CSX running as 2nd unit.

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Date: 11/29/22 13:12
Re: Today's Catch in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

16.  A detail look at the side of NS 4094; DC to AC AC44C6M.

17. And a going away shot of the NS / CSX powered 316. Just ahead he will swing off the NKP and onto the connector for the run over the Chicago Line.

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