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Date: 01/29/23 16:12
Wandering Through NKP Land
Author: train1275

Sunday January 29, 2023
North Central Ohio
Started the day cloudy in the mid-40's with damp rain and then the temp dropped about 10 degrees, with the cold rain spitting and mixed with fog.

1. At Lacarne, Ohio, west of Port Clinton on the Chicago Line (ex NYC RR) we catch the 22X highballing east with NS 1820, 1031 and 7570.

2. At Oak Harbor we see Train 310 with NS 1812, 1219 and 7640 ducking under the old Wheeling & Lake Erie Bellevue - Toledo Line and past the 1872 built Lake Shore & Michigan Southern depot. The overhead Wheeling bridge also serves now to gain access to the connector from Bellevue to the Chicago Line, just west of this location.

3. Next train is the 28M, intermodal passing the old depot.


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Date: 01/29/23 16:19
Re: Wandering Through NKP Land
Author: train1275

4. From the east we catch Train 257 passing the grain elevators at Oak Harbor on the Chicago Line. Power is NS 4220 and 4110.

5. Moving over to the old Wheeling & Lake Erie side at Oak Harbor we find the 19M (Crewe, VA to Elkhart, IN) crossing the Portage River. Power is NS 4534 and 9400. He's rolling !

6. South of Bellevue in the fog we find a dead 19W (Winston Salem, NC - Bellevue, OH) train tied down at Flat Rock on the old PRR, just below Bellevue Yard. Power is NS 4415, 1053 and 8077. This ex - PRR line went to the N&W when the N&W took over the Wabash and NKP in October 1964.


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Date: 01/29/23 16:28
Re: Wandering Through NKP Land
Author: train1275

7. Up on the old NKP line east of Bellevue and just west of Avery is this Sperry Rail Services inspection truck (SRS 855) inspecting the rail. Hopefully he does not find any defects. As a retired VP Engineering, sometimes Sperry inspections were painful depending on the hits and what rail stock you had in inventory and the changeout crew. You never wanted the truck to overun your ability to remediate the defects.

8. After the Sperry cleared, the 315 from Conneaut comes by "GC" west of Vermilion with UP 6032 and a worn looking BNSF 9859 SD70Mac.

9. An interesting sticker on the UP 6032 as it passed through GC on the final leg home to Bellevue.

Date: 01/29/23 21:13
Re: Wandering Through NKP Land
Author: dwatry

Photos #2 and 6 are pure art!  Great shots. 

Date: 01/29/23 21:16
Re: Wandering Through NKP Land
Author: bath_wildcat

You were in my stomping grounds where I spent many a hears trackside with my dad. Thanks for bring back some old memories with my father.

Michael Fair
Royal Oak, MI

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