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Date: 03/17/23 07:49
Derailment investigations
Author: mp208

Does the "event recorder" on a locomotive show whether an emergency application of the brakes is activated from the control stand or from the parting of the trainline? Also...have any railroads REDUCED the maximum authorized speed of extra long trains?

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Date: 03/17/23 08:01
Re: Derailment investigations
Author: Mouse

The new, modern type do.

Date: 03/17/23 11:39
Re: Derailment investigations
Author: radar

In most cases, they don't need an event recorder to find that out.  All they have to do is ask the engineer if he put it in emergergency.

Date: 03/17/23 20:49
Re: Derailment investigations
Author: Notch7

On the more modern versions of the CCB2 brakestand, an engineer activated emergency will show in the brakestand status window.  I made that a defense point of that in a formal hearing when the trainmaster in the initial investigation refused to look at the status window on the brakestand because she didn't know what she was looking at.  I knew what the status window said because I was both the relieving engineer and the engineer's local chairman.  An engineer activated emergency application should also show up on an in-cab video.

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