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Date: 02/11/06 19:30
NWSL PDT self-powered trucks
Author: DocJohn

Does anyone have experience with the self-powerd trucks. Other than cost, these look like the perfect solution for putting sound in HO-gauge narrow-bodied road switchers. Looks like these would give you almost the entire body for mounting the decoder and speakers. What am I missing here?

Macon, GA

Date: 02/11/06 19:50
Re: NWSL PDT self-powered trucks
Author: fbe

The problem with these units in the DCC world is mounting the decoders. They generally have wipers from the backs of the wheels to the motor. So you will have to mount new insulated wipers to the wheels and pull the original wipers away from the wheels. The new wipers will feed power to the decoder and the old wipers will become the new connection to the truck mounted motor. It can be done but it will take some work. Note there are no flywheels in these motors and contact with the rails can sometimes be spotty. They work pretty well but they are not as smooth as a Kato, Atlas or Athern drive. I have used them in specialized applications but I do not think I would repower an industrial or road diesel with a pair of the PDT trucks.

Date: 02/12/06 14:18
Re: NWSL PDT self-powered trucks
Author: DocJohn

Thank you for your reply. I just checked the NWSL web site, and one of the web pages discusses DCC friendly PDTs. URL is http://www.nwsl.com/Brochure%20Pages/broch%20370004%20Motor.htm .

Does anyone have experience with the DCC friendly version of PDT.


Date: 02/13/06 20:01
Re: NWSL PDT self-powered trucks
Author: 03GrandAmGT

While I have not used the DCC version of these powered trucks, the ones I have used to repower some of my fleet have been absolutely worth it. After I used these, I weighted my locos more, and was able to pull quite abit more cars closer to prototype. The ones I have are around 15-20 years old and they are still running strong and quiet.

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