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Date: 06/10/10 05:08
Atlas turnout differences
Author: dlhinco

Could someone clear up the differences between the Atlas HO turnout Number 506 and the 564? Both are number 6 turnouts, both code 83. Thanks

Date: 06/10/10 07:18
Re: Atlas turnout differences
Author: spf

The overall dimensions of the two turnouts are different. The 506 is Code 83 "Super Track" http://www.atlasrr.com/Images/Track/Trackphotos/506.JPG and the 564 is "Custom-Line" http://www.atlasrr.com/Images/Track/Trackphotos/Code83/564.jpg . The Custom-Line turnouts are used in the Atlas track plan books and share dimensions with the Code 100 track, whereas the Super Track will not work off the shelf with the track plan books and will require trimming in many applications. I have used both depending on the situation. The "Custom-Line" #6's form a crossover with 2" spacing between tracks and thus using them on a crossover saves me a little cutting. On the other hand, I've specifically used the "Super Track" turnouts in instances when I need to put the ground throw on the diverging side of the turnout.

Date: 06/10/10 13:12
Re: Atlas turnout differences
Author: dlhinco

Are either, or both, DCC friendly, under-table switch motor friendly?

Date: 06/10/10 21:56
Re: Atlas turnout differences
Author: sandmanre

Both and both

Ron Evans
Golden Valley, AZ

Date: 06/10/10 22:48
Re: Atlas turnout differences
Author: alaska

I would stay away from Atlas turnouts and go with PECO which I feel is a better grade.


Date: 06/12/10 09:56
Re: Atlas turnout differences
Author: Espeenut

...its all fine and dandy to go with the expensive stuff - if you have the budget for it. I've been acquiring the track and turnouts for my new layout over the last bit of time, and my budget says "go with Atlas", a lot more bang for my bucks...
...over the years I've used Peco, Shinohara, Micro engineering, and Atlas, and I've had to fiddle with all of them, none of them are RTR out of the box, so for me, I say go with what is the best value, and that's always been Atlas...


Lorne Miller

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