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Model Railroading > HO Telephone-Utility Poles?

Date: 06/16/10 13:20
HO Telephone-Utility Poles?
Author: obsessedfoamer

Does anyone make those rural utility poles like seen in the mtns and sierra and most...duhhh. rural places!
The single pole with just one single pole line connecting them.
I've looked at https://tomarindustries.com/sp.htm
SP-126, and SP-127?

PT Smith

Date: 06/16/10 23:26
Re: HO Telephone-Utility Poles?
Author: alaska

I created utility poles with a single arm so I could string them together easier.
All I did was to take the cheap Atlas plastic telephone poles and removed the lower arms.
I strung black thread for the lines years ago which to this day show no dusk.
To start after the poles are planted is to just make a loop from the black thread and tie it to the first insulator.
String the thread to the next pole and just wrap the thread around its insulator and so on securing it with CA.
On my poles I plan on stringing 22 to 26 guage black wire to simulate cables running pole to pole a third of the way down from the arms.
Painting them a grayish brown will simulate age.
And last resist the temptation of adding a lot of detail to the poles since your attention to detail in my opinion should be with your trains and not background scenery including utility poles UNLESS they are in front of your layout on the edge.


Date: 06/18/10 00:00
Re: HO Telephone-Utility Poles?
Author: tq-07fan

The Walters Utility Pole set http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/933-3101 is a good kit to start with. It comes with way more crossarms and other line hardware than the 24 poles that come with the kit need. There are some small crossarms with two insulators that could be attached to a pole of your own making. Although they will not have the proper taper small bamboo skewers will work for this application. The Walthers kit also comes with top of the pole pin mounted high voltage multipart insulators that have been used in single phase applications by REA power companies in rural mountain areas like you are trying to replicate.

I like power lines and was going to represent many on our layout. I even found 1:35th scale telegraph poles were correct dimensions for HO 69kv power lines.


Date: 06/21/10 18:13
Re: HO Telephone-Utility Poles?
Author: alklumpp

We use Rix Products telephone poles for our club layout. Seem to be pretty realistic. They're listed in the Walthers catalog, or you can try their website.

We've been using the brown crossarms, and painting the insulators green. However I see that they're now offering clear or green tint crossarms, which seem like a better idea.

We don't try to string our poles. They're too easy to knock down as it is; why ask for more trouble?

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