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Date: 09/12/10 15:34
Empty HO scale KATO boxes
Author: hartrick24

HI,every one I have a bad word to say MOVING. I have everything taken down and put away.I can;t find 4 boxes 3-dash 9's and 1 SD90mac.I called Kato they have none.A person in Oklahoma sold me 2 SD40-2's last week for $10.00 each,anyone that can help please reply.Thanks Steve

Date: 09/13/10 06:15
Re: Empty HO scale KATO boxes
Author: calsubd

shoeboxes with packing???????????, ed

Date: 09/14/10 10:36
Re: Empty HO scale KATO boxes
Author: Arved

Take a look here for an idea:


Ooops. You said SD90MAC... Well, that should work for your AC's.

There's always Reboxx:


Try a Rubbermaid "Shoe Box" from Walmart. I use them for organizing my projects, but this would work, too. A layer of bubble wrap around the model secured with a bit of tape, and fill the rest with packing peanuts. That or go to your local UPS store or Post Office, and see what kind of boxes they might have.

- Arved

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