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Date: 02/19/12 06:53
LV Hammerhead RS-3 #211
Author: 1802

I'm in the planning stages of building this loco in HO scale & need some info. I already have the Detail Associates RS-3 Hammerhead kit & the Stewart RS-3 kit for starters, but have a couple of questions - was this unit equiped with a steam generator?? The Detail Associates kit gives instructions as to the location of the steam generator exhaust stack, but I do not see an exhaust stack on any of the photos I have of this unit. Also, anyone know who makes the detail part for the number boards specific to this loco & what that part number might be? Insight from anyone who has ever attempted one of these kits is welcomed. Many thanks...


Date: 02/19/12 07:05
Re: LV Hammerhead RS-3 #211
Author: wlankenau

The reason for the "hammerhead" was to accommodate a steam generator and dynamic brakes. The s/g stack would not have extended very far, if at all, above the top of the hood. Later in life this unit had its s/g removed, so depending on your era, it might or might not have the stack. I would think that in the LV era, it would not.

This shot shows it after rebuilding by Conrail as a "DeWitt Geep" with no s/g or d/b:

This one, pre-CR, appears to show d/b grids and maybe an s/g intake on the short hood:

It's tough to find down-on detail views!

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