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Model Railroading > Help need matching Ho scale freight car numbers

Date: 11/17/12 00:10
Help need matching Ho scale freight car numbers
Author: dcmkris

I'm looking for some help, I've been going thru some old cars in the families collection and building them recently. The issue I am having is trying to make these more prototypical by either change road numbers or reporting marks.

My current target is a bunch of NYC auto rack cars with TTBX reporting marks made by Accurail item #9205. Now back in the day when these were produce I think around 1999, Accurail did offer renumbering decals. These of course are out of production and for some reason we never purchased decals to change the numbers. So I've been thru a bunch over 300+ sets of decals and I have not been able to match the style of numbers that these cars have. Perhaps I've just looked at too many sets and now I need some help.

I've attached a PIC showing the number style, this is one of the NYC cars which I repainted to PC green and changed the herald boards, some minor weathering still is needed. I found a pic on the net of the next car in the number series done up like this which is the inspiration for this car since the era is mid 70's this fits right in. I highly doubt that many cars were repainted into CR by mid 1976, the end of our target era.

PS: Does anyone know of a good source of detailed stirups to replace the factory ones on these cars, preferably brass?



Date: 11/17/12 00:23
Re: Help need matching Ho scale freight car numbers
Author: MMD

Looking at those Stirups I would think the best thing to do would be make a ' jig ' and bend them up out of Detail Acc. .12 / .15 brass wire. A line do a stirup somewhat like the one in the pic but is is ' narrower ' than what is shown. Decals, look at Rail Graphics Ron may have something close.

New Zealand.

Date: 11/17/12 14:23
Re: Help need matching Ho scale freight car numbers
Author: 1stcajon

Do a google or browser search for ALine stirrups & you'll get quite a few hits. They sell 3 different styles.

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