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Date: 11/21/12 09:12
Custom-painted "Mikes"
Author: KeyRouteKen

In the two attached photos, we see both of the 1/2-inch scale "Mikados" built by the late Vic Shattock in the 1930's. # 3217 was an SP Class MK-4 and # 3254 was an SP Class MK-6.
Vic usually left his creations in a polished brass finish, but for some reason, these guys were painted.
The color scheme for the boilers was the "blue-green" color that was applied to early SP prototype boilers.
In this case, these two models were custom painted by SP shop personnel. Cool, huh ??

Mike # 3217 appeared on the Hobby Lobby show on National Radio from New York on October 19, 1938.



Date: 11/23/12 10:46
Re: Custom-painted "Mikes"
Author: Arved

Nice, but, in that paint scheme, shouldn't they be lettered Southern Pacific Lines? :-)

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