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Date: 01/06/17 18:37
Cadillac with Sound
Author: warrenpweiss

This cell phone video should be viewed in full screen mode for maximum effect.  It was dubbed by a friend of mine who is a supervising sound editor for motion pictures and television.


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Date: 01/06/17 19:46
Re: Cadillac with Sound
Author: ChrisCampi

Wow, that was superb!!!

Date: 01/06/17 20:12
Re: Cadillac with Sound
Author: 1019X

double wow, what scale?

Date: 01/06/17 22:00
Re: Cadillac with Sound
Author: mwbridgwater

Gret job, Warren!  Thanks!


Date: 01/06/17 22:24
Re: Cadillac with Sound
Author: navarch2

Awesomely done :)


Date: 01/07/17 01:56
Re: Cadillac with Sound
Author: Notch16

A 1953 Cadillac, and a 1955 "Cadillac"! Brilliant double-entendre and visual pun, sir. :-)

And your friend gets the gold Sweetie -- which is my fictionally obscure audio sweetening award, bestowed for historical and mechanical accuracy in a railroad sound effect.

Seldom do we hear the right horn for locale, era, and railroad. The number of times in films and TV where a distant Amtrak K5LA shrieks across the midwest prairie of the 1950s, or the plaintive minor chord of the CP horns from "Silver Streak" get their ten thousandth curtain call of reuse, wailing in the distance off the Las Vegas strip in 2017, are trivial sins too numerous to count. In consideration of the arts, the muses, lack of time and dearth of budget... mood is always going to hold more sway with directors and sound designers than accuracy will, and to most, a horn is a horn. But it's nice when you can have it all -- carpets matching the drapes, so to speak -- as we have here!

Really a treat. Kudos to your friend, Warren. And a nice scene! A short film with a surprise entrance.

~ BZ


Date: 01/07/17 04:43
Re: Cadillac with Sound
Author: UP951West

Delightful to see and hear on this cold Oklahoma morning ! Oh the sound of that SP horn !
What was the mfg. Nathan and what was the model # of that  SP horn ?  Thanks.

Date: 01/13/17 09:27
Re: Cadillac with Sound
Author: warrenpweiss

For those interested, here is what the sound editor (who asked to remain anonymous) had to say:

I picked several horns from my library but this one seemed to fit the best not totally knowing the accuracy. I had a feeling about it and also it did cross my mind that a train aficionado might flag it as incorrect. Phew glad I got it right as train horns are so identifiable and have personality. Depending on the use in the scene. Trains are my favorite sounds to record. They are so complex sounding emanating beefy heavy low end sounds combined with various high end frequencies. I've recorded and edited and Designed a lot of trains over the years. It was fun layering the sounds of the engine and horn, creaking suspension and rail scrapes, added singing rails, and found a nice chuff for when the engine goes by, also found a nice section of wheel clacks by to sweeten and give the caboose some personality as it goes out of frame. 


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