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Date: 03/13/17 23:55
HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: bath_wildcat

I am wondering if any of you here have ever filmed yours or someone elses layout with some kind of mini camera.  I am planning on taking my modeling a bit further with this as I know a group in Sandusky, Ohio that had a pretty good layout.  I want to provide them with a video of the layout from the perspective of either on a flatcar, or from the locomotive itself.  Something these guys could play when visitors are around.  

Even if you have done something like this-please post up.  I would like to see those.  

Mike Fair
Brunswick, OH

Date: 03/14/17 04:18
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: Bob3985

One of our members created a camera car with a boxcar and we took footage of our layout to use for the ad for our annual train show.
Here is what we used just to give you an idea. I think we need to work on a straight video of the layout for display and promotion.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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Date: 03/14/17 05:38
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: santafedan

I have 2 and have had them for over 25 yrars.

Date: 03/14/17 07:57
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: Chestnut

Geesh seems like yesterday when I had my Lionel 1980s "Rail Scope" set. Those were the days trying to see the video on a black and white TV. 

Date: 03/14/17 10:31
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: checkmate007

Date: 03/14/17 11:38
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: cajon

I have a HO CNW GE-9 with a camera looking thru the front window power by a 9 volt battery. Work real well and a lot better then a camera on a flat car.

Date: 03/14/17 12:33
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: brfriedm

I bought the Polaroid cube. Very reasonable price and does 1080P


Here is a video on that other site that shows my layout video taped with the cube.



Date: 03/14/17 15:27
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: UP6936

I have used my GoPro on a flat car.  Takes a little bit of editing, since if you have tunnels it won't go through unless it is on its side.  Takes a great video.  

Date: 03/14/17 20:12
Re: HO scale locomotive cameras
Author: chakk

You can view a sequence of an HO train movement made with a GoPro camera on a flat car at tinyurl.com/vytovideo

Yours truly is the engineer on the Challenger

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