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Date: 04/17/17 10:55
Mr. & Mrs. "KRK" play Trains at Emeryville ...
Author: KeyRouteKen

Hi Everybody--
Suzie and I got married in June-1973.  I guess she liked TRAINS.  That's a good thing !!    Everyone on here knows of my upbringing in a Southern Pacific family.   Well--  Suzie's paternal grandfather was a Station Agent on both the "Milwaukee Road" as well as the "SOO" .
And to top it off, her Father  (Norm) was born in the Dakotas in a railroad depot !  SO--  I guess I got it made, huh ??

Around the time we got married, I introduced her to the wonderful world of the East Bay Model Engineers Society on Halleck Street in Emeryville.   She was NOT too keen on the place because of all the dirt, dust and numerous duck-unders.  But she enjoyed the thrill of operating the late Kirby Churchill's numerous Interurban cars in O-scale !

Photo 1.   The wonderful world of model trains was in this old tin building.  The O-scale layout was 130 x 75 feet.  The HO-scale layout was 90 x 36 feet.    The building interior space was 15,000 sq. feet...  Originally built as a place to manufacturer "spoke wheels" for wagons, it was taken over in 1940 by EBMES, as a courtesy from the Santa Fe Railway.  They lasted there for some forty-four years !

Photo 2.   KRK is the operator at ANTIOCH Yard on the OA&E trolley division.  Right opposite the main front entrance !

Photo 3.  Suzie is sitting at the control board for OAKLAND YARD on the OA&E trolley division.  She complained of getting dirt on her nice clothes, nylons, et al.  Oh well !!

Courtesy of KRK Archives


Date: 04/17/17 11:00
Re: Mr. & Mrs. "KRK" play Trains at Emeryville ...
Author: KeyRouteKen

Photo 4.   KRK checking why an IER interurban de-wired on the "Shell Point Trestle" .

Photo 5.   KRK  checking on the situation of an SN train at VALE on the OA&E.

Photo 6.   Suzie observing a 5-car SN train built by Kirby Churchill.

Photos courtesy of KRK Archives.


Date: 04/17/17 11:02
Re: Mr. & Mrs. "KRK" play Trains at Emeryville ...
Author: fbe

You could always gift her a pair of bib overalls for her birthday for use in dirty activities. Carharts are nice and rugged. Key may still offer striped versions.

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Date: 04/17/17 11:10
Re: Mr. & Mrs. "KRK" play Trains at Emeryville ...
Author: KeyRouteKen

Photo 7.   A view of part of the O-scale layout--  with the ANTIOCH Yard on the OA&E in the foreground.

Photo 8.   KRK working on repairing the Overhead trolley wire at SACRAMENTO on the North End of the OA&E trolley layout.
Note my five-pound spool of phosphor bronze wire--  24 Gauge...   Very hard to find !

Photo 9.   An overall view of the O-scale layout room.  (Circa 1948)
As you can see, there was a tremendous amount of PLASTER in that room.  But it was all sturdy enough to get on top of and walk around (carefully) as the situation dictated !

TODAY (2017)  Suzie and I are building a large LIONEL layout (circa 1950--1960) in what used to be our Living Room and Dining Room.
I guess the husband-wife interest in Trains is still there !   Thanks for looking !

Photos courtesy of KRK Archives.


Date: 04/17/17 17:28
Re: Mr. & Mrs. "KRK" play Trains at Emeryville ...
Author: SantaFeRuss

Wonderful times through the years. Amazing layout! Good luck on your upcoming layout. My late Wife was a railroader at Amtrak for 32 years and she also loved my model trains. She would sometimes help out on the layout or at the club! KRK, you are blessed to have such a wife, as I was also blessed.


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