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Date: 11/29/18 06:24
o/t airport model
Author: dan


kinda interesting airport model

you guys ever see stuff like this?

Date: 11/29/18 06:53
Re: o/t airport model
Author: icancmp193

Europeans love stuff like this! Herpa publishes a monthly magazine, Wings, that covers airplane modeling and topics, and they manufacture airplane models and many accessories in a variety of scales including 1:200, 1:400 and 1:500.


Date: 11/29/18 07:57
Re: o/t airport model
Author: jsnoy

Truly spectacular!  The Euros like these kinds of "operating" displays.
I'll stick with model RRs - easier for me and less complicated mechanically. 

Joe - living next to the Joint Line in Castle Rock, CO

Date: 11/29/18 08:27
Re: o/t airport model
Author: superchief73

I saw this on person a few years ago. Truly passionate modelers 

Javier Cervantes
Castle Rock , CO

Date: 11/29/18 09:33
Re: o/t airport model
Author: railfan400

Went there (Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg) for first time five years ago. Figured I'd spend a couple of hours there but ended up staying until closing time. Went back a couple years later and scheduled a whole day for my visit. Is truly fascinating to look at all of the various scenes and areas.

Date: 11/29/18 15:23
Re: o/t airport model
Author: wabash2800

I think in general Europeons have a better standard of living, health care, more paid vacations and holidays, so can enjoy their hobbies. Am I right? In Germany, for example, the government backs workers. There have been some things that big corporations like Walmart and UPS were not allowed to do there. I know, because I talk to my relatives over there. Of course, the educational system is different and people are better prepared to earn a living wage. The one percenters in this country just don't understand that what is better for the middle class is better for the economy in general.

Victor A. Baird

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