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Model Railroading > New Northern CA Lumber Short line

Date: 11/30/18 08:02
New Northern CA Lumber Short line
Author: dmaffei

Or is it a long time spelling error from the shortline in the shadow of Mt Shasta? Note the correct color on the shell, wish Athearn got this right on the last run of McCloud SD-38's
Model by Mark McCloud, McLeod

Date: 11/30/18 08:38
Re: New Northern CA Lumber Short line
Author: hogheaded

Point of order: Does the McLeod River interchange with the Burlington Northern at Watchout?


Date: 11/30/18 08:44
Re: New Northern CA Lumber Short line
Author: unit

As a member of the Clan MacLeod, I approve of this corrected spelling.

Date: 11/30/18 19:54
Re: New Northern CA Lumber Short line
Author: JDLX

McCloud versus McLeod actually has been a somewhat legitimite debate in that part of the world, as Alexander Roderick McLeod led at least one expedition up the McCloud River and is said to have misplaced a large cache of firs somewhere up near the headwaters, and there are those who contend the river should be spelled this way for him.  Based on my research, though, the proper spelling of McCloud at least there honors one Ross McCloud, an early settler in the region and generally credited as being the first European to explore the length of the river.  In 1852 Ross built the wagon road running from Shasta north to the mining camp that would become Yreka, he considered at length running it up the McCloud River but followed the Sacramento instead, and thereby more or less establishing that as the route of the Central Pacific and much later todays I-5.  The McCloud name got attached to the river pretty early, and it led to some pretty firey editorials in later years when the McLeod versus McCloud debate briefly flared up.

My personal favorite variation is the "McClone River Railroad" lettering the #37 wore for a couple months around the end of 1971, it got the temporary lettering for the filming of Climb An Angry Mountain, a made for TV film, and they had to come up with the alternate lettering for the diesel and several other signs around town that appeared in the film to avoid legal difficulties with the McCloud TV drama that was popular at that time.

Jeff Moore
Elko, NV 


Date: 12/01/18 15:43
Re: New Northern CA Lumber Short line
Author: TT

I suspect that locomotive is going to respond poorly to control inputs.

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