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Date: 12/06/18 19:33
Flywheel Removal
Author: jburek

Just removed a "weak" Atlas classic motor from an RS3 & will replace with a Kato motor.  Issue is that I can't remove the Atlas hex end brass flywheels from the bad motor.  Is there a trick to this?  Do I need to heat them first?  Any help appreciated.
Jeff Burek

Date: 12/06/18 20:12
Re: Flywheel Removal
Author: g-spotter1

Removal can be thorny, but I usually hold the flywheel in a soft jawed vice, with the hex end facing up, then use a sharp punch or drift pin small enough to tap the motor shaft out from the flywheel.  It might take a couple of tries because the flywheel can slip out of the vice, but it eventually works.  Another method is to slip the motor into the vice, but not tightening it.  This allows the motor side of the flywheel to rest on the vice jaws.  You can then use the same punch, drift, or even a small nail to hammer it out.  Good luck.

Date: 12/07/18 18:56
Re: Flywheel Removal
Author: CM1

NWSL pulley or wheel remover. Works for flywheels tool.

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