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Model Railroading > A Whole 'lotta switchin' goin' on!

Date: 01/07/19 01:30
A Whole 'lotta switchin' goin' on!
Author: funnelfan

It was operations day on the River City Modeler's layout in Spokane, WA. First train I ran was the Keystone Branch local using my ex-GN GP9 and Pacific Pride II GP38-2 as power. Train #591 is a fun job switching cars on the branch and then returning to the yard at Easton. At this point in the first photo I'm sorting out cars for the logging camp at the end of the branch. GN had their GP9's built to run long hood forward.
The second train I ran today was #501, the Easton - Jefferson roadswitcher that does work enroute. It was ready to go at the yard in Easton when I returned with train #591. So I just swapped the caboose for mine and tacked on the power. Made the air test and departed. Midway through the day the train was holding the main at Almira waiting for a eastbound to finish it's switching at Cedar Springs and continue on east. My conductor is thinking about bringing his golf clubs on the next trip.
Finally a family moving into a new home on the River City Modeler's layout...but one of the movers is ready to call it a day!

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 01/07/19 06:23
Re: A Whole 'lotta switchin' goin' on!
Author: Bob3985

Very good Ted. I always love to work locals on our model railroad club layout. Perhaps next time grab some photos of the industries being spotted.
Thanks for sharing.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 01/07/19 07:26
Re: A Whole 'lotta switchin' goin' on!
Author: icancmp193

Wow, old Revell moving van and a two Corvette family!


Date: 01/07/19 17:25
Re: A Whole 'lotta switchin' goin' on!
Author: alamedafrank

Those familes may have Corvettes, but to me, they are moving into sucide houses! I would never live so near the main line or branch line tracks. All it takes is one little derailment and the whole family can be killed in the rubble of their modest homes. Common sense needed, but I recognize economic reallity may not allow them a choice. Very nice layout, is it HO? 

Date: 01/12/19 20:40
Re: A Whole 'lotta switchin' goin' on!
Author: Cabhop

Great layout and even more important great bunch of guys. 

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