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Date: 02/10/19 08:23
Flat Turned Gon
Author: Jimmies

I ran across this picture (by David Andersen) of this uniquelooking freight car online a couple of years ago, and saved it for reference for a project I thought I might like to do in the future.  The new ExactRail GSI bulkhead flat looked like it might be the perfect starting point.  I faded the original green down by spraying with Proto-Paint Flat Haze and then some light green craft acrylic.

I built a sub-floor of .030 styrene.  I'm guessing that the car should have a steel floor, so I made that and the sides and ends from .020 styrene. The posts are from .040x.040 styrene strip, which fit perfectly into the flatcar stake pockets. The gondola is painted with Rust Texture, a flat black wash, and then stippled on Rail Brown to vary colour and tone.  I may or may not add the reflective stripes at some point, but I don't really like them much.

You can see more at https://jssxrailway.blogspot.com

Thanks for looking.


Date: 02/10/19 08:26
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: Jimmies

2 more...

Date: 02/10/19 09:08
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: borg

You did a great job.  Wonder why they did this and what it is used for?

Date: 02/10/19 09:27
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: jayb61

excellent job i will say 

Date: 02/10/19 09:43
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: inCHI

Excellent! I wonder if that was actually used in revenue service?

Date: 02/10/19 10:47
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: tunnel88

Nicely done! 

Date: 02/10/19 14:09
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: DKay

You do great work Jim.Very unusual prototype.

Date: 02/10/19 14:18
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: ghemr

 Your layers of rust on the gondola sides looks great!

Date: 02/10/19 16:41
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: CSX602

Excellent looking model!  Several railroads used to have pipe service gondolas with higher ends than sides.  This looks like a modern adaptation of a bulkhead flat to similar service.

Date: 02/11/19 12:29
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: Kimball

Nice car, but can you explain the track and "filler" in the photos?  Going to be street trackage or such?

Date: 02/11/19 16:03
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: PHall

Looking at the chalk markings on the prototype car in the first picture, looks like this car is used by the car shops in scrap wheel set service.

Date: 02/11/19 19:15
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: Jimmies

Thanks to all for taking a look and for leaving the nice comments.  And yes Kimball, that is street trackage, but I'm unsure of what you mean by "filler".


Date: 02/11/19 21:41
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: bnsfsd70

Looks great!

- Jeff Carlson

Date: 02/12/19 09:06
Re: Flat Turned Gon
Author: atsf121

Great job on such an interesting prototype.  


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