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Date: 05/12/19 07:45
Locomotive cyclopedia
Author: forster

What is latest version of the book? I am looking for it, but only see the 1997 Version of it!



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Date: 05/12/19 07:49
Re: Locomotive cyclopedia
Author: JimBaker

Simmons-Boardman was the Publisher of The Locomotive Cyclopedia.

James R.(Jim) Baker
Whittier, CA

Date: 05/12/19 07:50
Re: Locomotive cyclopedia
Author: forster

From when is the last Edition?
Thanks for answering.

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Date: 05/12/19 08:55
Re: Locomotive cyclopedia
Author: grahamline

Date: 05/12/19 08:58
Re: Locomotive cyclopedia
Author: miniempire

You may need to pick a year or period that you are interested in.
A quick search on Amazon shows a fairly recent edition -  "Car and Locomottive Cyclopedia of American Practices, 1997, 6th edition form the original publisher. 

Date: 05/13/19 03:43
Re: Locomotive cyclopedia
Author: forster

Thanks Gentlemen!

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