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Date: 06/09/19 10:38
Scale Trains SD 40-2 Sound Question
Author: KM-ML4000

I have one of the new Scale Trains Milwaukee Road SD 40-2s with the V5 decoder.
From the factory, it had the bronze bell selected, but the model is equipped with the Milwaukee Road E-bell. I went in with the Lok-Programmer, and moved the Milw E-Bell from the template into sound slot 4, replacing the bronze bell, and uploaded to the decoder. It was a short load, less than a minute, and now I only have the E-bell, and no other sounds.

What did I do wrong, and how do I recover?

Thanks KM

Date: 06/09/19 11:45
Re: Scale Trains SD 40-2 Sound Question
Author: fbe

My V5.O units came with a mix of bells both electronic and bronze. All the sound files were correct thankfully.

It might be the Lok Programmer defined the bell change as a 'sound project' and since you didn't define any other sounds it left all those blank. I think I would email ST and ask them to send you the decoder files they use for the locomotive. You can probably download it from their support page. I know the sound files for MILW 156 and MILW 30 have the electronic bell sound and a rotary beacon so you might download that instead of one for the unit number you have. Units 17 and 27 are bronze bells.

Once you have the new files open that as a project with Lok Programmer and apply the project to the loco. Warning, I have never actually done this it is just the gist of what I am getting from the manuals.

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Date: 06/10/19 05:06
Re: Scale Trains SD 40-2 Sound Question
Author: acltrainman

Be careful as I downloaded and wanted Full Throttle on SD 40 unit. All the sound files were with rotary beacon. Now when F5 is pressed for number board lights they act like a strobe and go on & off. I tried upgrading LokSound Select to the SD40 with FT. All the sound files have strobes so now I have no number board lights. I know there is a function or remapping to get number boards back to normal but I can't figure it out. My club the Suncoast Modell RR Club in Largo iws doing a lesson on the LokSound decoder and programer this week. 

Stanley Jackowski
Valrico, FL

Date: 06/10/19 17:55
Re: Scale Trains SD 40-2 Sound Question
Author: KM-ML4000

Scale Trains sent me their soumd file for the V5 SD 40-2, but I have not been able to find the Milwaukee e-bell so far.

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