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Date: 06/30/19 05:40
Rapido RS11's
Author: jburek

Anyone receive their Rapido RS11's yet?   If so - what do you think of the model?

Date: 06/30/19 07:58
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: sarailfan

They're still in production based on the delivery schedule on their website; not due til late 2019.

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Date: 06/30/19 09:40
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: fbe

Date: 06/30/19 10:02
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: jburek

Just received a notice that mine are in.

Date: 06/30/19 12:26
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: jejhnsn

Let us know what you think of it as soon as you get it.

Date: 07/01/19 04:01
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: jburek

Turns out the models are not in.   Place I pre-ordered from stated that their computer generated the e-mail requiring payment.  I will find out today when they are now scheduled to arrive.

Date: 07/01/19 04:11
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: WrongWayMurphy

I have a SP unit on order with my local hobby dealer, who tells me the official date is July 31.

Date: 07/01/19 06:55
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: jburek

That's not too bad - delivery in one month if accurate.

Date: 07/01/19 10:59
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: nydepot

My guess is Feb 2020.

Date: 07/03/19 10:00
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: rapidotrains

Hi guys,

All of the parts are injected and being trimmed. The CNR RS-18s are holding up the painting room but we expect the RS-11s to leave the factory by the end of August, all going well.

It won't be as late as February 2020. 


Date: 07/03/19 10:38
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: fbe

That means it is time to ask, what about the NP versions? Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee.

Actually, with FA-2s and USRA boxcars on preorder now I could use a break.

Date: 07/03/19 20:12
Re: Rapido RS11's
Author: sixaxlecentury

After seeing the photos from the BAPM thread - That treadplate looks pretty oversized (ala SW1200RS), but not nearly as bad as that chain.  Yuck.  

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