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Date: 07/06/19 11:40
At the workbench
Author: Jimmies

Still on the workbench, and with a little ways yet to go on it, this kitbash/rebuild industrial building is coming along nicely.  I've got roof-top details still to add as well as some work on the windows, plus whatever else I might dream up for it (piping, conduit, etc).

The rail spur for this industry will be able to hold up to three 86 foot boxcars or four 60 footers, although two 86'er and three 60's are more likelygiven the size of my layout.  The building as it is now is just under 50 inches in length, so I've mounted it to some MDF to provide stability as I move it about on the bench and back and forth to it's location on my railroad.


Date: 07/06/19 12:14
Re: At the workbench
Author: ghemr

 Darn---that's quite a project!!

Date: 07/06/19 12:16
Re: At the workbench
Author: holiwood

that is a very nice and big building.  What type of industry is it?

Date: 07/06/19 14:08
Re: At the workbench
Author: grahamline

Smart move to mount it on a solid base. What did you do for internal bracing. Several building 'flats' on our club's layout were more or less 'built in place' and over the years tend to develop twists and turns.  One assembled with CA glues ("I don't have to wait for the joints to set up!") essentially rekitted itself after five or six years.  Maybe it was vibrations from passing trains.

Date: 07/06/19 15:36
Re: At the workbench
Author: TCnR

Also curious about the internal bracing and how the roof stays in place. Would think there's a back wall and bracing but curious how it's done.

Tried the same idea with the REA Building, the idea came out nice but still have to figure out the roof.

Date: 07/06/19 19:39
Re: At the workbench
Author: Jimmies

I used styrene bracing at the corners and where the wall sections meet (there are 4 front wall sections), and across the back, I wood glued together a sturdy frame from .5" square balsa.  The roof is sections of Evergreen .040 styrene sheet that I cut to fit.  I enjoyed your terminology about your structure that "rekitted itself".  Never heard that term used before, but I have had it happen.  I think that probably there are many of us that have. This build is attached to the MDF base with a bead of two-part epoxy that runs the length of the building.


Date: 07/07/19 04:41
Re: At the workbench
Author: Hookdragkick

HO-ly smokes, that's a big building! The big boxes will look good parked outside.

Date: 07/17/19 21:39
Re: At the workbench
Author: bnsfsd70

What a great looking building!

- Jeff Carlson

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