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Date: 11/05/19 08:00
SP on the move
Author: Betsy

Going through some older photos.  I like this portrait of SD40T-2 8306 as it races through a crossing in the San Joaquin Valley, headed northbound to Bakersfield.  The scene is one of the lesser photographed areas of the La Mesa layout in San Diego, but one of my favorites.  I can't decide whether this view of the SP I remember makes me feel younger or just old.  I do miss being able to photograph scenes like this in real life, but fortunately, I can climb into the time machine and see it again in 1/87 scale.


Date: 11/05/19 08:27
Re: SP on the move
Author: Arved

It's uncanny how real this looks. I had to do a double take. Amazing work!

Thanks for sharing. I hope all is well.

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, FL
Arved Grass

Date: 11/05/19 08:46
Re: SP on the move
Author: UP3806

The lighting does a lot to make the scene look very prototypical. Very well done!


Date: 11/05/19 09:36
Re: SP on the move
Author: SPDRGWfan

Thumbs up!

Date: 11/05/19 09:52
Re: SP on the move
Author: atsf121

Wow! Sure do miss scenes like that, thanks goodness we can recreate it through our modeling.

Posted from iPhone

Date: 11/05/19 16:58
Re: SP on the move
Author: superchief73

No words Betsy just realism to the max! I would live to weather my F7 ABBA Black Widows in this fashion, Subtle and balanced........

Javier Cervantes
Castle Rock , CO

Date: 11/05/19 19:52
Re: SP on the move
Author: tgcostello

Nice work Liz, both your modeling and your photography.

Date: 11/05/19 20:16
Re: SP on the move
Author: tomstp

Something about that scene that kinds grabs ya.

Date: 11/06/19 05:36
Re: SP on the move
Author: RGDave

A grand layout and perfect model - great shot.  I enjoy your work, Elizabeth.  I miss the sounds of those days as much as the sight.  Nothing like 40- and 45-series EMD sounds under power, or under dynamic brakes!


Date: 11/06/19 08:53
Re: SP on the move
Author: WAF

Emigrant Gap

Date: 11/06/19 12:14
Re: SP on the move
Author: inyosub

Wow Liz, thought that was a prototype modeling 'suggestion' photo till I read the caption and other messages!

Date: 11/07/19 00:20
Re: SP on the move
Author: dmaffei

I believe that's why I photographed layout scenes all day that visit at the club after the prototype modelers meet a few years back. The models and layout became my time machine back to my youth. BZ couldn't have said it better Liz. Yes, keep the time machine set to 1:87 scale.
Cool photo. Even has that "valley haze" in the air look. 

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