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Model Railroading > Need P2K NYC FA2 fuel tank

Date: 02/07/20 18:47
Need P2K NYC FA2 fuel tank
Author: jburek

Need a fuel tank to a P2K FA2.  Doing this unit for a friend of mine & it was sold to him second hand with no fuel tank.  Also need some of the mounting screws used to old the body to the frame.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Date: 02/08/20 06:24
Re: Need P2K NYC FA2 fuel tank
Author: EL-SD45-3632

Yes, contact Bachman, they should be able to help you. 

Date: 02/08/20 07:07
Re: Need P2K NYC FA2 fuel tank
Author: Frank30

Would'nt Walthers be a better source? They bought Life-Like who originally did P2K.
Bachman's premium line was/is Spectrum. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Date: 02/10/20 06:17
Re: Need P2K NYC FA2 fuel tank
Author: BlackWidow

Frank30 is correct.  Walthers bought the P2K line from Life Like, not Bachmann.  I also need some parts for a P2K E7 back from the Life Like days.  I could not find them at Walthers and could not find them on eBay.  I would certainly search eBay to look for parts, but it is hit and miss.  I don't believe you can get these parts from the manufacturer anymore.  Walthers has totally upgraded the P2K line, so what they sell now really has no bearing on what Life Like made nearly 30 years ago.

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