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Date: 03/21/20 07:38
PRR Branch line local
Author: bobdavis

Pennsylvania RR local freight BM-11 serves a variety of small industries on the "Rockland Branch" on my HO PRR Blue Mountain Division, set in central PA in 1956.  In pic 1 the local is crossing the trestle over a branch of the Juniata River after swinging off the main line at a junction known as "Oak".  The main line is visible at the left.  Even though the photo angle makes them look more pointed than they really are, I still need to flatten out a couple of those green mountains to make them look more like PA than the Matterhorn.  Sounds like another project to get to work on during this virus crisis!  Picture 2 shows the local arriving in Rockland, the town at the end of the branch, with empty reefers for produce loading, cars of coal for the local coal/lumber dealer and brick plant, and a tank car of propane for the gas company.  The 11-track staging yard is below.

With what's going on now, I'm sure glad I have this RR to help keep me occupied.  I had scheduled an operating session for this afternoon (Saturday) but that was canceled.  Please do whatever you can to stay safe out there!

Thayne, WY     

Date: 03/21/20 08:35
Re: PRR Branch line local
Author: tomstp

1st pic is nice scene.

Date: 03/21/20 09:08
Re: PRR Branch line local
Author: Jckaufman

I like the photos.  And the description.

Date: 03/21/20 09:20
Re: PRR Branch line local
Author: railstiesballast

Great scenes as a whole, much more than trains there.
Muted colors help make it look real.
I got into similar trouble painting background mountains, backdrops are not landscape paintings, they require their own composition rules.
They need to be credible from several points of view and to not distract from the ground scenes and trains.
I have repainted mine to both mute the colors and lessen the vertical scale.
I found that the only way to do them is to frequently step back to all the likely viewpoints and see how it is all comiing together.
Thank you for sharing.

Date: 03/21/20 09:30
Re: PRR Branch line local
Author: Jimmies

Superior weathering on your trestle.  Absolutely terrific.


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