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Model Railroading > Uh oh! Another traffic mess.

Date: 05/13/20 19:24
Uh oh! Another traffic mess.
Author: railstiesballast

When the SWP arranged to use Portland's SP 4449 for an employee appreciation train, they called the Highway Patrol, however the call sent nowhere.
"Hello, General Manager ___ of the SWP here and we need to let you know about our special steam engine train;"
"SWP, who? South Whitman Police?"
"Southwestern Pacific, we run trains all around the city and into the Cascades."
"Oh right, so you're running one more?"
"Well we run about 16 on the Cascade line every day, but this one is different and it may attract a lot of spectators."
"Oh, okay, thanks for letting us know, I've go a call on another line." (click)
It is not the fans who caravaned this time, but some photographers staked out positions along the guard rail on the old canyon road leaving town and soon cautious drivers balked at driving too close, jamming up the works.
This is my old Westside GS-4 remotored by Frank Brown and playing beautiful music thanks to Soundtraxx.
The consist resembles some of the 4449 specials on the BNSF out of Portand these last couple of decades, with a P42 along for head end power.

Date: 05/13/20 20:05
Re: Uh oh! Another traffic mess.
Author: Bob3985

Nice and a great story. I remember the traffic jams we created over the years with the UP Steam locomotives.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 05/14/20 04:26
Re: Uh oh! Another traffic mess.
Author: SPDRGWfan

Back around 1980 SP 4449 came by my apartment in Davis CA so I jumped in my car wih my Camera to give chase.  When I finally caught up around 12 miles to the north, there was a long string of cars following; no chance for me to get a photo and I was on fumes so I had to give up.  Been there done that!

Date: 05/14/20 06:41
Re: Uh oh! Another traffic mess.
Author: atsf121

Love it!

Posted from iPhone

Date: 05/14/20 07:09
Re: Uh oh! Another traffic mess.
Author: tq-07fan

Where you got your shot was a much better location but you had no hopes of chasing it after climbing down from there.


Date: 05/14/20 15:45
Re: Uh oh! Another traffic mess.
Author: SPMW5771

As a teenager I burn't my clutch out in my Fiat chasing the 4449 hauling the American Freedom Train over the Tehachapi's from Bakersfield......Good memories.......

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