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Date: 05/16/20 07:16
Intermountain Flat questions
Author: BNModeler

I just built 3 of these in HO Scale and wonder about adding weight and what trucks to use.

Date: 05/16/20 08:07
Re: Intermountain Flat questions
Author: sp8234

I have 2 of these cars & used Exact Rail ET-101, ET-112 & ET-103s but good luck getting them. They are 100 ton or 70 ton trucks that can have different tread widths wheels that are equalized (3 piece) & Exactrail got it right when they did them. I run 1 trucks as tight as I can without derailing & the other one a little looser but tighter then NMRA standers. They do help light weight cars track better so I use this type of truck on intermodal & Autoracks without any weight in them with no problems. I also use common sense & don't put light weight cars at the front of a heavy train. 
I noticed a couple of months ago that Kadee also has an equalized truck & will try some after this virus thing is done. Intermountain did do an equalized truck way back that was junk, They did not stay together well at all.
Short answer is try to use a sprung or equalized truck with 33in or 36in wheels & not a 1 piece truck.


Date: 05/16/20 10:07
Re: Intermountain Flat questions
Author: ghemr

 Many years ago I built, painted and detailed this IMR 60' flat car kit. I used lead buckshot (BB's??) and it weighs 3.73 ounces which is slightly below the NMRA 80% recommended weight. I run it within the last 5-7 cars of a train and never had a problem.

Date: 05/16/20 12:05
Re: Intermountain Flat questions
Author: grahamline

I know BB is kind of a generic phrase for people, but you probably want to use shot that's #6 or a higher number.  I like to use a resin white glue that won't dry up, shrink and harden like ordinary Elmer's or something.  It's annoying to have your freight car weight fall onto the ballast.

Date: 05/16/20 13:53
Re: Intermountain Flat questions
Author: tramfan

Thanks to sheltering in place I just finished (along with a number of other cars!) the Intermountain 60' Flat Car kit that has been on my shelves for years. Back then I had also purchased the Adair Shops 5214R weight kit to include with the build. To use all of the bits (and I do mean bits) of weight, you need to start with an unbuilt kit. It probably added an extra evening completing the car. Weight is still under the NMRA suggested weight of 5.0 oz. at 4.0 oz. but is completely concealed into the underbody. I also have a RTR Intermountain flat that will need a load for weight. The Adair weight kit actually adds 2.3oz. to the stock car.

With regards to trucks, I used the stock equalizing Intermountain trucks with Reboxx Semi-Scale wheelsets due to the height of the bolster in relation to coupler height. The Kadee #158 head is smaller than the #5 and is more susceptable to height variations. This particular set had a very tight snap when pressed together compared to others that I have had.

Date: 05/16/20 16:07
Re: Intermountain Flat questions
Author: BNModeler

Thanks for all the input and beautiful pictures!!!

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