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Date: 09/12/20 05:27
powering frog on Atlas O turnout
Author: gmo55

Once the wire is attached to the frog on an Atlas O turnout, I am assuming the wire attaches to the bus wire. Does it matter which one?
Any assistance will be appreciated.

Date: 09/12/20 10:08
Re: powering frog on Atlas O turnout
Author: SPDRGWfan

It being the frog, which changes polarity depending on which way the points are thrown, it alternates because of the polarity.  The frog might be powered via the points, which contact opposing rails depending on which way they are thrown, but it may be less reliable depending on how well the contact is.  Some power the frog via switch machines which also have the ability to feed power to the frog based on which way it is thrown, thus keeping the polarity matching.

So whatever you do, you do not want to connect the frog wire to either of the bus wires because the polarity would be fixed and not work in one position of the points - a short would occur.

Don't ya love electronics?  In my case I'm electrifying the frog in HO using a Tam Valley frog juicer (which may only be used on DCC power) to power the frog and keep the polarity correct.  If you are using DCC, you should be able to use those in O scale too.  If you are DC, then switch machines may be the option.

Date: 09/14/20 09:54
Re: powering frog on Atlas O turnout
Author: gmo55


Thanks for the information.  I think I understand what you mean.  Great help!


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