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Date: 01/02/21 18:26
Broadway limited train engines
Author: Highhood

Bought this unit about 9 months ago. Supposedly runs both dc and dcc. I run kato track with a kato transformer. First time i have tried using this unit and it's not working either way. Can any one clue me in as to what i might be doing wronge

Jon Fink
Schenectady, NY

Date: 01/02/21 19:48
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: needles_sub

Broadway Limited decoders are junk. You may have to send it back and wait months before you get it back. Even then, it may not run.
I gave up buying their trash.
Many just replace the the decoders with after market decoders. After that they run very well.

Posted from Android

Date: 01/02/21 19:49
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: toledopatch

There's got to be a switch or function somewhere that selects between DC and DCC operation. Have you checked that for proper position/set-up?

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Date: 01/02/21 20:53
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: up421


It could be that the previous owner turned off DC operation.  This would be done using a CV value in the decoder. If DC operation is disabled, then the locomotive will not respond to a conventional power pack.  Do you have a friend that has a DCC system? They may be able to turn on DC operation, if that is the problem.

Good Luck!


Date: 01/02/21 21:49
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: funnelfan

I would suspect that DC operation has been turned off in the decoder using a CV setting. Might have to find someone with a DCC system to reset the decoder.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 01/03/21 03:33
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: needles_sub

Is the model used ? I didn't see that in his post. As far as a selector switch for DC and DCC, I thought the decoder reads the power supply when you put it on the track.
BLI, unless they changed, uses this.

Posted from Android

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Date: 01/03/21 06:31
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: WrongWayMurphy

I concur as well the DC function is turned off.  I do this to all my dual mode decoders to keep the 
locomotive from racing when the DCC system is turned on.  On my DCC system, there is about 3 seconds 
that the track sees 14 volts before the DCC signal arrives at the decoders, and some engines will
take off at full speed like a rubber band driven Hustler.

Date: 01/03/21 06:40
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: inCHI

I've been wondering about this too. I have a few new scale engines that I inherited and they have little to no run time. They probably are from 3-7 years ago and I haven't had luck getting them to run on DCC or DC

Date: 01/03/21 07:21
Re: Broadway limited train engines
Author: Cole42

While I cannot answer your question precisely, I have a couple Atlas (HO) engines that would not move on DC.  I found there is a plug on the decoder I had to move to get it to run on DC.  They come set up for DCC, and have to change it to run straight DC.  I had DCC but the controller took a dump and when I moved about a dozen years ago and built a new layout it is much smaller so I went back to plain old DC operation, and took me a while to figure out why some engines would not run.

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