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Date: 10/06/21 13:29
SP caboose -30-1
Author: tomstp

I am painting a SP C30-1 caboose.  Can anyone give me a number series for them from late steam to early diesel time frame?  also did the Cotton Belt have any of these?  T&NO ?

Date: 10/06/21 13:52
Re: SP caboose -30-1
Author: PasadenaSub

Date: 10/06/21 17:31
Re: SP caboose -30-1
Author: ChrisCampi

It looks like you're safe with 641-899 for SP number wise but whether the car you chose made it to the diesel era might be uncertain unless you can find a photo of it. Lots of photos of C-30-1's in the transition era in Southern Pacific freight cars volume 2 by Thompson. Lots of T&NO cars also but the numbering is all over the place. The C-40-3's came on the scene in February of 1942 and may have retired some of the more beaten up wood cars.

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Date: 10/06/21 17:49
Re: SP caboose -30-1
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Not sure about SP-TNO but Cotton Belt didn't have any C30-1 hacks

Date: 10/06/21 18:14
Re: SP caboose -30-1
Author: tomstp


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